Who Are You?

        Lounging on a comfortable couch in the slightly battered recreation room of his freighter, the blond-furred bunny smiles. "That is the question, isn't it? Who am I? There are so many things that I am, that sometimes it gets hard to answer. Online, I'm a SciFi based Bunnymorph engineer aboard starships. This is my online persona and avatar, Golden Poppy. As Golden Poppy, my goal is to own my own freighter, though I may have to hire someone to pilot the big beast while I keep everything running. Neko Ecchi wants to be my pilot, but he's both annoying and has a tendency to forget important things."

        "If you are asking who I REALLY am, well..." The bunny pauses, thinking about it for a bit. "I would rather not say. Golden Poppy is close to who I really am in personality, and I am not comfortable sharing more information with the world at large ever since Facebook changed their security settings and shared out a bunch of stuff. I am not ashamed of the things that I enjoy, but some of the things I like affects how non-furries, particularly non-furries who are potential employers, tend to view me. Because of this, and because of a bad period trying to get work, I no longer give out RL data online, if I can help it."

What do you like that causes problems?

        A laugh comes from Golden Poppy. "I guess I should have expected that question. Well..." He taps the monitor mounted on the ships bulkhead. "Just viewing these web pages should give you an idea. For starters, I'm not just a furry, but I am also a furvert. For those people not on the in on furry community terms, it means that I like Furry Porn in addition to Furry Art." Golden smiles and adds, "I do not want to force the naughty pictures I like onto people who don't want to see them... but such pictures do exist here in my webpages.. so be warned."

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